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  1. Partner Listings – Content and Obligations

    All Partners must follow these guidelines or risk having their account suspended or deleted which could result in loss of commissions earned from the LinkWorth™ system. LinkWorth™ will make reasonable attempts to resolve any matters that arise, and the cancellation or suspension of an account will generally be enforced as a last resort. Websites submitted that do not follow these guidelines will be declined but may request an explanation from LinkWorth™ regarding correcting their deficiencies. Partners must adhere to these policies and guidelines at all times:

    1. Partner websites must be complete with working pages and links between pages.
    2. Partner listings can include an infinite number of website listings which will be a fully functional website with no unfinished areas.
    3. Website listings cannot contain harmful, hateful or illegal material and will only become active after they are approved by LinkWorth™
    4. Pricing MUST BE COMPETITIVE. Overpricing your listing will result in a declined approval status with a reason why included in the email.
    5. Partner accounts MUST HAVE A VALID EMAIL. Invalid emails will result in account termination and loss of all funds. Emails must be allowed from LinkWorth™ since this is our form of communication alerting of Advertiser requests and system notices. Consider adding linkworth.com to a white list or safe list in your email software.
    6. All Partner account information must be correct and accurate. Failure to provide accurate information can lead to delayed payments and possible termination of the account.
    7. Partner websites must be full of content related to the category or theme in which it is submitted.
    8. Partner websites must be search engine friendly.
    9. Submissions must be a unique domain that is owned by the Webmaster and easily maintained. Listings that reside on free web servers that result in long and confusing subdirectory URLs will be declined.
    10. When a Partner publishes LinkWorth™ advertisements, the html code must not include any linking technique unreadable by search engine spiders. This includes using noindex/noarchive meta tags, nofollow tags unless option is toggled, redirections, robots.txt redirections and cloaking methods. All LinkWorth™ advertisements must be published EXACTLY as our system provides it.
    11. Partner websites cannot consist of a redirection to a different website or page. The URL submitted to the LinkWorth™ system must be the exact address of the Partner website.
    12. Partner website must not consist of excessive popup windows or advertisements on the homepage.
    13. Partner website must not require users to install software before viewing their website.
    14. Partner website must not require users to pay and/or login to view content.
    15. Partner websites must be submitted under the category that fits the theme and content of the website.
    16. Domains can only be submitted one time.
    17. Website submissions must be complete and accurate. DO NOT CAPITALIZE every letter, every first letter or any part of the website address. Do not use exclamation or superlatives in the title or description. Use correct grammar and spelling. Any violations will result in the rejection of new website listings.
    18. Descriptions should not include statistics about the website, including PR, PageRank, Alexa rating or anything else related. Descriptions should only include a description of the website itself.
    19. Partners agree to not accept payment or ads from LinkWorth™ Advertisers unless going through the LinkWorth™ system. Accepting ads around our system will result in loss of all funds owed and closing of the account. If an Advertiser attempts to solicit itself, we request all Partners to notify LinkWorth™ of the instance and any information.
    20. Partners agree to publish advertisements immediately after approving them. Failure to do so will result in the expiration of the deal.
    21. Partners agree that published advertisements will remain in place until the Advertiser or Partner decides to cancel the deal. Deals are monitored daily and if the text link ad is not found, a system warning/notice will be sent via email until it is found again. If not re-published, the deal will be cancelled and funds returned to the Advertiser.
    22. If a deal is cancelled by the Advertiser, the Partner agrees to leave the text link ad cancelled until the end of the month, unless requested by the Advertiser to remove immediately. If an Advertiser cancels the deal, the Partner will receive the full payment for that term, so the text link ad should remain until the end of the month.
    23. If a deal is cancelled by you during a term, the payment will be prorated and remaining term of funds will be returned to the Advertiser.
    24. Partner agrees to either approve or decline all Advertiser requests. Continued expirations of requests will result in account termination and loss of any funds.
    25. Partner agrees to accept either "Titles Only" or "Titles Descriptions." By default, Partners are set to accept both. If any Partner chooses to only accept titles, this setting must be altered in the "Manage Settings" section.
    26. Partner agrees not to contact Advertisers directly and agrees that all communication between themselves and Advertisers will be conducted through the LinkWorth™ messaging system.
    27. Partner agrees to publish advertisements in the location the Advertiser selects and for which it pays.
    28. Partners who participate in the LinkWorth™ affiliate program agree to promote our service with ethical techniques. SPAM will not be tolerated and any reports of SPAM with a LinkWorth™ affiliate link will be dealt with accordingly.
    29. Monthly payments are made on the 10th of each month if the amount owed surpasses the minimum payout set for the account. Read more details on payments in Section 8.
    30. Any advertisement removed by a Partner without proper cancellation or notification to the Advertiser and/or LinkWorth™, the entire transaction/deal will become null and void.
    31. Partners that convert their account to a combo account will also be subject to all Advertiser guidelines and policies.
    32. Partners agree to not use or publish information found in LinkWorth™ on any other medium without the written consent of by LinkWorth™. Violations of this provision will be subject to copyright infringement and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    33. LinkWorth™ reserves the right to amend these guidelines at anytime necessary. LinkWorth™ also reserves the right to refuse any website it deems unsuitable for its system. Partners must understand their rules so to not risk account suspension or termination and loss of funds.
    34. All Partners subject to the Federal Trade Commission's (“FTC”) jurisdiction agree to comply with the FTC's Revised Endorsement Guides found at the link below.