1. What is so different between LinkWorth and the other similar advertising networks?

We offer many different mediums of advertising and provide 24/7 monitoring of all published advertisements. Where most advertising networks offer one or two type of ad products, LinkWorth offers eight different types of ad products for Advertisers to purchase and Partners to sell and earn.

2. Does LinkWorth offer an affiliate program?

Yes. In order to signup for the affiliate program, you must create a Partner account. Once you have a website/blog submitted and approved, you will have an affiliate url available inside your Control Center. We pay $50 for each new account that spends or earns $100, then you will also enjoy earning 5% commissions on all money spent or earned for the life of the account. Payments are made monthly.

3. What are Partners paid for placing advertisements on their website?

Partners earn 50% of the price they set. If a deal is setup during the middle of month, it is prorated for that month and the deal will renew at full price on the 1st of the next month.

4. What is the payout process?

All ad products are pre-paid to LinkWorth and the appropriate portion paid to Partners on the following month to ensure the ad is published for the full remainder of the month. There could be instances where money is not paid on the next month if the minimum payment amount is set to a higher amount or has not been reached. Read more on our payout terms.

5. Can anyone join LinkWorth?

Anyone can join LinkWorth as long as they fit within our Terms of Service.

6. Can Agencies or Search Engine Optimization professionals use this service for their clients?

Absolutely. Matter of fact, LinkWorth was built with these type of people in mind. When we add a new feature or launch a product, our thought process is how we can put it into a large scale. We have a department of Account Managers who are here to help individuals, SEO's and Agencies free of charge and since most of the business we do is with larger agencies, we have to tailor our system to these type of customers too.

7. Can a Partner have more than one website or blog listing to sell ad space on?

We do not limit Partners to one website or blog. Partners have the ability to add as many websites/blogs as they wish. This allows them to make as much money possible and allows more locations for Advertisers to purchase ad space.

8. Is your LinkRank the same thing as Google's PageRank?

Only the Google engineers could tell you how their algorithm works for PR, but we're pretty sure our LinkRank has very little to do with their equation. LinkRank helps us determine websites that are popular on the entire web, not just on Google. It's important to remember what we do is not a Google specific service, we focus on the entire web.

9. Do Advertisers have to put a link on their website to Partner websites?

LinkWorth does not participate in any sort of reciprocal linking. Advertisers rent ad space on Partner websites on a month to month basis and the only ad published will be the Advertiser's ad on the Partner's website.

10. Is LinkWorth a guaranteed search engine placement service?

As our terms of use explain, LinkWorth does not and cannot guarantee search engine placement. Unless you're paying Google, Yahoo or Bing directly to be at the top of their pay-per-click advertising models, there is not one single company that can 'honestly' guarantee any sort of placement on the search engines. They can target these areas, but they're being dishonest if they guarantee placement. Be weary of those that do.

11. How long does it take for LinkWorth to begin working?

Depending on what type of LinkWorth ad product you are using, the time can vary. Our traffic generating products are instant results, where our link building products can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, it really depends on your market and how competitive the keywords are that you're targeting. As anything you use to market, time and patience is your friend. Starting something and bailing out before it has time to really start working is just a waste of your time and money.

12. If I am a Partner, do I have to approve all ad requests?

No. As a Partner, you have the ability to approve or decline any ad request you receive. We believe your website is your real estate and it is not our place to push anything on you. Ultimately you should accept ad requests that align with your visitors, but this is completely up to you, as the website owner.

13. Do you approve all advertisements and/or websites into your database?

We manually review every single Partner site and every single advertisement before we allow it into our database. We want to ensure that all ads are valid, ethical, legal and within our requirements. The same goes with Partner websites. We want to be fair to all Advertisers and Partners, so, if we feel a link or website is not relevant, we will give the customer the chance to plead their case before deeming it unacceptable.

14. What happens if a Partner website takes my advertisement down before the end of my term?

If we find that a Partner website takes your advertisement down for any reason beyond what we feel is fair or reasonable, the Advertiser will be refunded their money, and the Partner will not receive their percentage of that payment.

15. What is your exact LinkRank formula?

There's never really an exact answer to this question. As time goes on, we're constantly fine tuning the formula to fit in the current days web analytics. We use many 3rd party variables and our own calculations to funnel the data down to something we view as accurate in the eyes of one who buys our type of ad products. What might work today could be completely different tomorrow. Just know that we put a lot of work into giving helpful LinkRank values.

16. If I am an Advertiser, do I have to monitor all of my ads every day?

If you had to monitor all of your ads on a daily basis, then we wouldn't be doing our job. We have daily bots that check to make sure ads are published, along with many manual checks of ads during the month. If an ad disappears, we usually know when and if it surpasses our limit of downtime, we cancel the deal and issue a full refund for that month it was canceled.

17. What if I am a Partner and my website loses connection due to my host?

The most important thing to do in a situation where your ads go offline, is to immediately contact us and let us know what is going on. If we know, we can communicate the issue to the advertiser and will also not cancel anything if we do a manual check. Communication is key, so just keep us updated if you experience downtime. If the downtime goes beyond our threshold stated in our terms, we will have to refund the advertiser. We do our best to communicate with them as well, so usually we can assure them the ads will be back shortly and all will be good.

18. If my ad is removed beyond the given time and I'm due a refund, how am I paid?

If a refund is due to the Advertiser, we will issue a credit to their Advertising account. This can be used for future payments toward monthly renewals or for new ad purchases. All financial info, including account balance, credits, pending purchases and renewal info will be available on your dashboard of your control center, for Advertisers.

19. What is your refund policy?

We deem all payments as final. If you feel you deserve a refund, we will handle any refunds as a case by case situation. We understand anything can happen that would require a refund, so we listen to all situations and rule the decision after reviewing the circumstances.

20. What type of payments do you accept and how do you pay Partners?

Advertiser Payments: we accept all major credit cards, Paypal, company checks, bank to bank wires and we can also faciliate payment terms to larger companies and/or agencies if applicable.

Partner's are paid via Direct Deposit (US Only), Bank Wire Transfer (International Only), Paypal, Moneybookers or bank check (US Only) on a monthly basis.