LinkWorth Customer Support


Create Support Account

Register a new support account to submit new tickets or manage existing tickets. If you are a current LinkWorth Customer, login to your Control Center account and submit tickets from the support section. All support tickets will be answered in the order received and within 24-48 hours of submission. This can take longer if tickets are received during the weekend.


Account Login

Login to your Control Center and gain access to all of LinkWorth's search engine marketing products and innovative tools. Once logged in, customers will be able to view all information requied to purchase advertising products that are not available to visitors.


Payout Terms

Our Payout Terms are one point that all Partners must become familiar with. They outline all of the questions that surround how and when we pay. All answers to common questions like "When am I paid?" or "How am I paid?" or "Why is the amount not what I expected?", can be found here. If there are further questions, please submit a support ticket.



View categorized listings of common questions in our Knowledgebase that we receive through support and additional information we feel important to pass along. This section will consist of documentation on all products, common situations, common questions and answers to tickets submitted by existing customers.


Submit New Ticket

Submit a new ticket to LinkWorth customer support. Please allow 24-48 hours of response time and tickets will be answered in the order they were submitted. When submitting a ticket, if you have an account with LinkWorth, please include an account id and/or username so we can properly locate your account and provide a detailed response.


Contact LinkWorth

Having problems finding answers on our website? Visit our contact information page to find our office location and contact info. Our offices are open Monday thru Friday, 9AM-6PM Central Standard Time. We are happy to help with any support issues, sales request or other types of inquiries. If there is no answer, please leave a name and return number so we can call back as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Visit our F.A.Q. page and see if you might find the answer, or answers, there. A lot of questions customers have are similar in nature and you might find the answer on this page. If your question is not found, please submit a support question.


Terms of Use

All customers must read and understand our terms of use before using our system. It is important to know and understand how our system works so you can hold us up to our standards as well as LinkWorth remaining consistent with all customers.



Any important downloads can be found here. Always check your control center first for downloads since they will have your information attached in the necessary places. General downloads can be found here.