LinkSura Single-Url Rotating Ads LinkSura Single-Url Rotating Ads

LinkSura Partners

As a partner, your main concern is making the most out of the advertising space you offer. You want your advertisers to be happy with the results they’re getting from your page because they’ll be more likely to stay with you and spend more money. You want to offer them an effective way to advertise because you want their advertising dollar.

LinkSura offers you more room to grow as a partner with LinkWorth. Much like a single LinkAd, Single URL Rotating Ads (SURA) are unobtrusive textual ads located on your homepage, specific sub-page or entire website. Unlike a single LinkAd, LinkSURA ads rotate the anchor text with each page view or visit by search engine crawler, allowing your advertiser the ability to promote multiple anchor text keyword strings for a single landing page. By integrating LinkSURA into your partner pages, you can add additional value and advertising options, leading to an increase in advertisers and revenue.

What do you get as a LinkWorth LinkSura partner?

    Increased revenue. LinkSura greatly increases potential revenue by providing a broader range of options for potential advertisers.
    Highest payouts on the market.You can earn 50% to 70% of all text link advertisements on your website.
    Consistent earnings.The ability to monetize your site with set monthly pricing.You’ll always know exactly what you’ll earn off of LinkSURA each month.
    A variety of payout options.Receive payouts monthly by check, PayPal, direct deposit and Wire.
    Automated advertising management.An easy way to sell advertising space and publish new ad units. 
    Popularity with advertisers, making you an in-demand partner.