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If you have multiple websites, keeping up with your advertisers can keep you too busy to do anything else—and you’ve got a lot to do! LinkPack allows you to bundle multiple websites and offer them as one package deal to make managing your partnership with LinkWorth easier, more cost-effective, and hassle-free. By the same token, you want to attract as many advertisers as possible—and advertisers are typically cost conscious.By offering a suite of domains at a discounted rate, you’re sure to attract the advertisers you’re looking for while making the process as simple as possible.

LinkPack allows you to offer package deals to your advertisers so they can publish a single LinkAd to all of your sites. If you have several domains in the same industry, you can group them together for advertisers, providing them with a multitude of on-topic backlinks. You can also offer a different discounted price to attract bargain hunters, and LinkWorth will facilitate all of those transactions so that generating revenue from advertising becomes a no-hassle prospect.

What do you get as a LinkWorth LinkPack Partner?

    Automated advertising management. The ease and comfort of hosting ads on multiple sites without struggling to keep up and knowing that all your advertisers are being taken care of.
    Offer bundled packages easily. The ability to custom fit your offers to advertisers and entice them with multiple, high value websites in one monthly package. Create as many packages as you like!
    ncreased revenue. LinkPack greatly increases potential by offering advertisers multiple themed websites on which to place their ads.
  • EARN
    Highest payouts on the market. You can earn 50% of all text link advertisements on your website.
    Consistent earnings. The ability to monetize your site with set monthly pricing. You’ll always know exactly what you’ll earn off of your LinkPack each month.
    A variety of payout options. Receive payouts monthly by check, PayPal, direct deposit and Wire.