LinkSura Single-Url Rotating Ads LinkSura Single-Url Rotating Ads

What can LinkSura do for your site?

When your customer goes to a search engine, he or she types specific keywords into the search box and clicks, “Search.” Your goal as a webmaster is for your website to be displayed in the top results for your potential customer’s keyword searches. It’s no secret that keyword targeting and understanding your customer’s keyword searching habits are at the heart of precision search engine optimizations, and, with Single URL Rotating Ads, you can achieve placement on a variety of search results with a single text advertisement.

LinkSura allows one LinkAd to consist of many different keywords. With LinkSura, the target URL remains the same, but the keywords change on each page load, targeting as many different keywords—and web surfers—as possible. The resulting benefit of this type of rotating text link ad unit is that search engine spiders index all of the different keyword strings for your target landing page, making your page appear for multiple searches.

Everyone’s looking for a way to get the most mileage out of their advertising on the information superhighway. For webmasters that have landing pages using multiple keyword strings, integrating LinkSura into your search optimization strategy allows you to get the most bang out of a single text ad.

What do you get with LinkWorth LinkSura?

    Why choose just one keyword?LinkSura allows you to target a variety of anchor text words in just one ad.Your text advertising campaign will be highly directed at your prospective customers and help drive your search engine results positioning for a number of keywords.
    Works great on partner sites that have thousands of pages, helping you to stand out in the crowd
    Allows you to customize a single text ad for each partner site and get the most out of your text advertising.